The crown of the US President will be decorated on the head of Joe Biden tomorrow, the preparations for the swearing-in ceremony in the US, the newly elected President of the United States, Joe Biden will be sworn in as the US President on January 20, 2021, as soon as Joe Biden’s buffet decision , Will stamp on the proposals of, thousands of soldiers called for security


USA  NEWS  :–America’s newly elected President Joe Biden will take many big decisions on the very first day of his term. Before taking oath, he has prepared a list of those works, which he will complete on the very first day. As soon as he sits on the President’s chair, Biden will sign about a dozen proposals to tackle the four challenges facing the country – Kovid-19 crisis, economic crisis, environmental crisis and racial inequality.

At the same time, security arrangements are being chalked out in the US capital Washington and all the state capitals for the swearing-in ceremony. Thousands of soldiers have been deployed to Washington.

Paris will be included in the agreement as soon as it sits on the President’s chair, will be banned from Muslim countries

The newly appointed Chief of Staff of the White House, Ron Klein, said that the newly elected President Biden is taking office at a time when the country is facing a serious crisis. We have four major crises, which are related to each other. Biden will take decisive steps to deal with these crises in the first 10 days of his term. Clean said that on the day of his swearing, Biden will sign about a dozen proposals to deal with these crises. Biden will extend the current ban on the payment of loans to students from the Department of Education on the first day, will rejoin the Paris Agreement and remove the restrictions on Muslim countries.

Security of Parliament House tightened, soldiers were called: Thousands of soldiers have been deployed in Washington in view of the possibility of violent demonstrations. Security has also been increased near the legislative buildings of all 50 US states. The FBI has issued an alert that Trump supporters may stage violent demonstrations on the day of Biden’s swearing-in ceremony. More than 25,000 soldiers have been deployed to Washington. Along with this, heavily armed men have been deployed in the legislative buildings of all states.

Kamla Harris will be sworn in by the first Latin American Justice Sonia Sotomayor

Biden nominated Indian American woman Ujra Zoya for important position in the Ministry of External Affairs

Up to 80 percent programs will be virtual on the day of swearing in

One thousand twelve hundred people can participate in the ceremony because of the Corona Protocol

Each MP has got only two passes, that is, there will be only one guest with one MP.

Strict health protocol has been issued for all guests

Biden and Kamala Harris will formally observe a small military parade after the oath

After the vote of thanks, Biden and Harris will go to the White House from the Parliament House in ‘Presidential Escort’

After reading, Donald Trump used to tear up the documents: there are only a few days left for the term of the outgoing President Donald Trump to end, in such a situation that the work of storing the documents of his tenure is going on. Due to the fact that the records are not handled properly by Trump, there is a problem in their compilation. An officer who worked with Trump said that Trump was negligent about keeping the documents safe. He had a habit of tearing the documents before throwing them out.

Because of this, White House personnel had to spend hours trying to attach those documents with tape. Former White House documents analyst Solomon Larte said that we had asked him not to do this many times, but he did not stop doing it. He said that Trump also confiscated a note written by the interpreter during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Trump also reprimanded his colleague for writing the note in the meeting.

A glimpse of India will be seen

Biden and Harris ‘oath ceremony to begin with Kolam Rangoli: The online ceremony involving Biden and Kamala Harris’ oath taking will begin with the traditional Indian Rangoli. Rangoli is known as Kolam in Tamil Nadu. It is considered auspicious to make it at the entrance of the house. Harris’s mother was originally from Tamil Nadu.

More than 1,800 people from America and India participated in this online initiative to create thousands of designs of Rangoli. Initially it was to be built outside the White House. Later it was allowed to be built outside Capitol Hill, but this permission was revoked due to security in Washington. Now it will be shown online


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