Corona Virus Corona Virus Kovid-19 Infected Dogs Will Identify Coronavirus Now In Saudi Arabia

News TV correspondent’s report

Corona virus Corona virus COVID 19 has taken the form of epidemic all over the world, in such a situation all the countries of the world have started their own way to avoid this deadly disease. One such trick is being seen in Saudi Arabia. Pet dogs will identify Corona-infected individuals in Saudi Arabia. Domesticated dogs will smell the infected people and tell which corona corona is infected and which corona is not infected. Sniffer Dog helps the agencies investigate the incident in sensitive places. But imagine you are standing in a queue and a dog is circling next to you. In the UAE, the K9 police dog is to be used to locate the Kovid-19 case from the crowd.

Corona virus

Corona virus Kovid-19 infected people will now identify dogs in Saudi Arabia

The Ministry of Home Affairs of the United Arab Emirates has completed the trial on the K9 Dog. Now it will soon be helped to stop the spread of Corona virus Kovid-19. The government has taken steps on the completion of the success of scientific studies and experimental trials. By which the dog will be able to identify the patient by sniffing the person infected with Kovid-19.

To identify Kovid-19 cases, the sample was collected from the person standing next to the person who was sniffed with dogs. All this was done without coming in contact with any person. The result was achieved on the spot immediately. According to the Home Ministry’s data and study, 92% of the Kovid-19 case was successful in detection.
Corona virus

Preparations begin for a new variety of fighting corona virus in UAE

he ministry said that it has successfully completed the trial on K9 Police Dog. Data revealed after the experiment indicated that dogs are capable of fast detection of Kovid-19 infected cases. Which proved that K9 Dog can be used to detect cases of infection in crowded places. After that they are ready to be deployed at the airport and other important places.


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